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Welcome to my Gourd Banjo Page. So you say"What is a gourd banjo". Answer....A gourd banjo is a tradtional musical instrument that is made using a gourd as the resonator. Gourds are a member of the pumpkin family. When they have finished growing they have a very thick and hard shell. A portion of the top is removed and a goat skin is stretched and tacked to the gourd. I then make a 5 string banjo neck which is attached to the gourd, and there you have a gourd banjo. These banjos do not have frets like a guitar and other stringed instrument, so they have a very unique sound. They are not hard to play if you already know how to play a banjo. Each instrument is unique in design and sound. Sound is very dependent on the size of the gourd used. Small thin gourds produce a higher tone than one that is large and thick. I have included samples that you can click to hear each banjos. All my banjos are for sale. Check the details of each banjo and if there are additional questions feel free to call.

Barry Sholder Gourd Banjos
Barry Sholder Gourd Banjos
This is just a sampling of my Banjos. I am always adding new banjos , so check back periodically to see what's new. Also, I usually have banjos listed on EBay listed under gourd banjos. There you can purchase one via Paypal or creditcard. If you should have any questions about my boys don't hesitate to call. 770-712-4419
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Banjo Ukes
I am  now making 4 string Gourd Banjo Ukuleles. These little guys are great fun and the sound really pops. They are made in a concert size 15" scale. The instrument measures 24" O/A. Call for more info and availablilty.

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