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"It's Only Paint and Paper" Workshops
Watercolors/ Acrylics

     From over 15 years of leading art technique workshops, several concerns keep popping up. Students feel  they aren't good enough to be with the rest of the participants. They are intimidated, or  afraid that the instructor will embarrass them. Sometimes they are just afraid to make a mistake and mess up their paintings. Having a "It's Just Paint and Paper" Workshop for your group or organization can eliminate the stress that some participants feel.
     Barry Sholder's workshops are all about having fun and learning to paint without the fear many beginners experience. Emphasis is on using the right materials and supplies, insuring that the painting process be not only fun but successful. Barry keeps things simple so concepts of compostion and color can be easily understood.
     Workshops are designed for beginners to advanced. Morning painting demonstrations with step-by-step explanations will be followed by one-on-one hands on help. 
     Workshops can be tailored to your particular groups requirements from 2 day classes to week long events.

Contact Barry Sholder to discuss your own personalized workshop @ 678-363-9292  cell :770-712-4419 or e-mail: Barry@signandart.com